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You Don’t Matter… So Be Happy!

Here’s something that occurred to me back in October when I was staring at a fire while on holiday inĀ Kauai, and it has stuck with me ever since: Unless you do something extraordinarily above and beyond life’s call of duty, … Continue reading

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Wake up, Spend Money, Go to Bed, Repeat

Have you ever stopped to figure outĀ how much money you blow through on a daily basis to keep up your current lifestyle? I don’t mean glancing over a spreadsheet of the month’s debit or credit card transactions, or acknowledging a … Continue reading

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All Hands on Deck

Ever consider what your contribution to the village will be once it all hits the fan? I do, and I don’t think a simulation of a car driving around a track will earn my keep. I suspect mine is providing … Continue reading

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Health Check

The day was Friday, January 25th, 2013. It was to be my last day of work for at least the immediate future. How was I fairing, health wise, after 12 years in the software industry? Well, my ears rang loudly … Continue reading

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