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Myanmar Meander: The Road From Mandalay

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Debut-Year Postmortem: A Penny for Your Thoughts!

It is hard for me to believe, but it will have been one full year this coming Friday since I worked my last day at a job as a regular, full-time employee. Time flies! Albeit, much more slowly now that … Continue reading

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How to Save Money Like Some Kind of Kate Moss

When Kate Moss is hired to do a shoot for some glamorous company, in some glamorous magazine, there is one thing that is certain: Kate is ready for action whenever her agent needs her to be ready for action. For … Continue reading

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Life Expectancy and Why Science Won’t Turn You Into a Tortoise

The life expectancy of us Canadians has been rising at a fairly consistent rate of around two years per decade ever since 1920. So whereas back in the “Roaring 20s” a Canadian male was expected to live until age 59, … Continue reading

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Thailand Visa: Now Good for 30 Days by Land and Sea

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