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New Things are for Wusses

About a year ago I started noticing some oddness coming from our fridge. Every time it wanted to turn itself on, it would make four or five attempts at it before giving up. Then it would try again after a rest, perhaps five … Continue reading

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Your Body is Amazing!

I recently picked up what was to be a two week contract for a company back in the city where I used to live. And as expected, two weeks very quickly turned into three weeks… but I could work the third week … Continue reading

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Wealth and the Theory of Relativity

On a recent trip through Myanmar, we had a number of opportunities to visit the local hill tribes and experience a different side of the country. The ‘real’ Myanmar, as people love to say. Twice we ended up doing just that, … Continue reading

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A Hierarchy of Owls: My Escape Story as Published in the New Escapologist Magazine!

It has been just over a year now since we escaped city life and graduated to country living. Our cost to survive is now well less than half what it was. We breath fresh air. We enjoy a beautiful view … Continue reading

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