A Night Owl Goes Early Bird

Early Bird

Those that know me know “Early Bird” could never actually be applied to me in a sensible manner, but the title was just way too catchy to let slip through my fingers!

One thing I’ve definitely noticed over the past couple of months undoubtedly due to my recent “pretirement” efforts and a resulting change in how I feel about any given day, is how much I actually now enjoy waking up in the morning. As a result, instead of pushing the limits every night staying up later and sometimes even later, I’m actually perfectly happy to go to bed at a reasonable hour since I’m looking forward to starting the next day so much.

Further to that, I’m now genuinely tired and ready for bed at that reasonable hour, since I had a fulfilling day, I’m not stressed out from the stressful bullshit I had to sift through all day at the office, and I woke up well rested at a reasonable hour that morning since I actually slept through the entire night, also due to a lack of stress in my life. Yes, I said stress three times in one sentence.

No more following the weekly sentiments the People of the Rat Race have for each day: working for the weekend, the Sunday blues, a case of the Mondays, hump day Wednesday, TGI Friday, etc, etc. No, every day is just great with the Noble Anarchist now.

What a revelation it is, enjoying all seven days of each week!

On top of looking forward to each day, my mornings are now Awesome, which is something else I look forward to when going to bed at night. I get up whenever it feels right, usually between 8:30 and 9, I make a pot of delicious coffee and enjoy it out on the deck couch we recently fashioned, while enjoying our lovely ocean view and catching up on what the rest of the world is doing. I head back in and make me a nice breakfast, refill the coffee cup and head back out to the couch to enjoy that, and come up with a to-do list of what I want to accomplish for that day. Back in to cleanup and get dressed, and I’m ready to crush it. All in, I’d say my morning routine takes around two hours, and it is two hours I very much enjoy each morning.

So why the change?

Well in case you missed the third paragraph above, I’ll say it again: it all stems from stress. The source? The stressful work environment. I don’t care how “fun” companies try to make themselves appear, the bottom line is companies are profit-making machines, and in our fairly technically advanced society, it is not possible to do what needs doing without putting a heck of a lot of stress on a fair number of people to get the job done. Sure, companies can offer fantastic benefits like soccer fields and free kegs of beer every Friday, but the bottom line is, incredibly difficult problems have to be solved every single day by many of the employees, and no amount of drinking and playing sports will solve the stress caused by this.

On top of all these really complicated problems that need to be worked through all the time, I personally really dislike working for someone else to receive my compensation. I don’t feel fulfilled by this because there’s no hope of ever receiving more than the wage I negotiated years prior. Sure, companies try to address this with things like stock options, profit sharing, compensation time, etc, etc, but in my 12 years of being a professional I’ve never received remotely enough of any of those things to feel properly compensated.

Well… what’s the plan then?

Moving forward, I definitely don’t have enough money saved up to not work ever again (which is certainly one way of solving the issue!), so I need to find less stressful ways of making enough money to live on. As well in case you haven’t been following the blog, I need to find more ways to spend even less money to live on so that I don’t need to make so much money to live. And lastly, believe it or not I don’t at all mind working through stressful problems, in fact I often enjoy it, I just need to find ways to do it on my own watch while making sure the problems I’m working through are going towards my own benefit which is not capped by the working situation I’ve signed myself up for!

Make sense?

I think it does. And I think that if I continue to act on the above plan, I will have removed much of the stress from my life, and continue to enjoy my mornings just how I now like ’em!

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