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Confessions of a Phone-aholic

In the drink she goes :( We had two weeks left to go on our near-four month trip around South East Asia. The decision was made to spend the remainder of our time lazing about one of the lesser developed … Continue reading

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Learning Not to Spend for Dummies

A guest post by the First Lady giving some interesting insight into what it is like to be pressured by someone into learning not to spend the way you might want to, or be used to spending. Perhaps a good … Continue reading

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Me Love You Laos Time

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We Sold our House!

I was thirty three years old not very long ago. I had been living and working very hard in a good-looking, and extraordinarily expensive city for about a decade by then. Financially speaking, I had little to show for where … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone: The Lazy Mammal’s Danger Zone

On a three week trip through Myanmar, the First Lady and I were staying in a small town for a few days. We wanted to go see one of the sites that was about ten kilometers outside of town. Since … Continue reading

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Myanmar Meander: The Road From Mandalay

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Debut-Year Postmortem: A Penny for Your Thoughts!

It is hard for me to believe, but it will have been one full year this coming Friday since I worked my last day at a job as a regular, full-time employee. Time flies! Albeit, much more slowly now that … Continue reading

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How to Save Money Like Some Kind of Kate Moss

When Kate Moss is hired to do a shoot for some glamorous company, in some glamorous magazine, there is one thing that is certain: Kate is ready for action whenever her agent needs her to be ready for action. For … Continue reading

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Life Expectancy and Why Science Won’t Turn You Into a Tortoise

The life expectancy of us Canadians has been rising at a fairly consistent rate of around two years per decade ever since 1920. So whereas back in the “Roaring 20s” a Canadian male was expected to live until age 59, … Continue reading

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Thailand Visa: Now Good for 30 Days by Land and Sea

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