Master Bedroom Closet

We knew that one of the greatest (practical) challenges we would be facing by moving to the cabin was going to be the lack of closet space. Or more precisely, the fact that there wasn’t a single damn closet to be found at the cabin.

$25 can hold a lot of clothing

$25 can hold a lot of clothing

We also knew that buying wardrobes gets very expensive very fast, and for┬áChrist’s┬ásake its only a closet! (in a cabin no less!) So instead we decided to get creative and headed to the hardware store. For the price of one dowel rod, three chains, three hooks, and six connectors (around $25), we had a system that could hold way more than a wardrobe (probably more than two wardrobes in fact)!

...likely more than two wardrobes worth!

…likely more than two wardrobes worth!

Include a hangup shoe rack, two drawer sets, and a roll-y rack thing, and you’ve got yourself a well organized closet for basically, free! Jen wants to hang a lightweight curtain in front of it all, but personally I like admiring the industrial chaos.


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