Free Flights to Hawaii!

hawaiian_flowerHere’s a nice little service Jen just found out her phone company offers: it turns out they’ve been running this program for years now where all you have to do to enroll is logon to their website, click on a few things, and they will actually buy you a flight to Hawaii, free of charge, every single year for as long as you have a phone with them! (well in fact, you can fly anywhere you want in the world, as long as it costs around $500). Absolutely no strings attached!!

Shockingly, unlike most other social programs, this one actually caters more to the rich than the poor: if you are used to spending even more money than Jen on your bills, you can actually go to that same page, click a few buttons, and they will buy you trips to Europe and other such destinations beyond Hawaii, every single year, for as long as you have a phone with them, no strings attached.

Who knew??

Well, not so surprisingly the phone company doesn’t go advertising this program, so it seems that not very many people actually do know about it. But trust me, the program is alive and well.

The only tricky part about the whole thing is, they actually don’t send her any money, they simply reduce her bill by $40 per month, and it’s up to her to manage the billing difference herself, as opposed to them holding on to the money for her and giving her the flight every year. Not to mention the reasonably pleasant necessity of her logging on to a travel website every winter, finding the best deal and destination (case in point: our flights to Turkey last April for $700), and making the actual purchase herself with the money she amassed over the year. With every social program comes a bit of administrative work I suppose!

Where’s the catch Noble Anarchist, there has to be one somewhere!

Well in Jen’s case, literally there wasn’t a single one. Jen’s annual phone-company-holiday-purchase program simply consisted of her needing to ditch her old plan that’s no longer available anyway (I wonder why?), and switching to a newer one. Bam. $40/month less. The cost of a flight to Hawaii every single year. And like i said, the more you are used to spending, the easier it is to trim the fat.

Do you pay for long distance? Do you pay for voicemail? Do you have unlimited data?

Ever heard of Skype? How often is voicemail actually necessary, really. And with a very small amount of discipline, it is easy to limit yourself to 500MBs or less of data a month. Wifi is your friend. For god’s sake please don’t tell me you still have a landline as well as a cell phone!

But I actually don’t think all these phone features are the reason for the regularly high phone bills everyone seems to have. It seems to me it’s a combination of people being too lazy to go to their phone company’s website and doing a proper evaluation of their phone bill, and I guess not being able to do simple math, like 40 x 12.

A fun fact this post will leave you with: if instead of buying flights to Hawaii every year, Jen decided she wanted to invest it every month somewhere where she earns an average of 7%/year? She would have herself $15,000 sitting in an account on her 55th birthday. Not enough to retire on, sure, but not too bad either considering she didn’t have to cut a single thing out of her life to get it, other than about 30 minutes spent on the internet back in the year 2013.

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4 Responses to Free Flights to Hawaii!

  1. Sara says:

    So what’s the phone company and plan she’s on?

    • mzungu says:

      Jen is with Koodo, on the basic, $30/mo “Canada-Wide Talk & Text Plan”. No, she doesn’t use/pay for data usage (which I realize is highly unusual), but if a person could limit their data usage to 200MB/mo, there’s a plan for $40/mo, or a 500MB plan for $50/mo. I’ll bet both of those options are enough to buy everyone who reads this post a trip to Hawaii in a year’s time!

  2. Pen says:

    I like this post! However, we do have a land line,but only because cell phones don’t work from home. I would be more than happy to ditch it, but until people on this island will stop being so paranoid about cell phone towers, we will need the land line. And, unfortunately, or fortunately, we only pay $15 per month for our cell phone. We can text and have free time after 6:00 and cheap long distance, which obviously only works if we are away from home. we would have emergency connection, but it would go to Vancouver, so would have to explain where Gabriola is and what help we require. This would be even more stressful than usual. Our cell plan does not have a data plan, which seems to be where the savings likely fall. I don’t really think it is so much the cell phone/land line issue, but can’t the Internet connection wait until you are home?

    • mzungu says:

      Certainly if cell phones don’t even function where you live, as is the case at your house, you will probably need to have the landline (assuming you want incoming calls :) But stand by! There are various services, such as Skype Number, and Google Voice that are not yet available in Canada but I’m sure will be at some point in the near future! …at which point you really won’t have an excuse for maintaining a landline.

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